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3  1/2 BANDIT ENGINE  $4600.00

Recommended for 7.90 age group or bracket racing with relatively heavy driver.

3  1/2 TOP SHELF VERSION  $4900.00

Includes all standard equipment  and Dual Oil Recovery Vent System, black billet aluminum fittings and braided lines. 

Assembled with these standard features INCLUDED AT NO EXTRA COST:

• Power Stack Air Filter 

• All Billet Construction

• 42 MM Mikuni with Pure Power Filter adaptor 
    and Billet Top

• Carb Safety Cable Retainer• Technical Support

• 3 Bearing Side Cover

• Fuel Pump

• Clutch Support Assembly

• 30 Years of R and D from Pure Power CNC Racing

• Grade 8 Steel Clutch Retaining Bolt

• Dyno Billet Cam with Stellite welded Lobes

• Exhaust Header with Gasket

• ARC 1 inch crank and Rod

• 3rd Bearing Support Built into Block

• Wiseco Rings

• Stainless Fasteners

• High Out put Premium Ignition Coil

• Dyno Tested 

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